Minibus Airport Transfer

Minibus Airport Transfer Services


Planning on jetting off abroad anytime soon? Whether you’re having a hard-earned holiday or a routined business trip, transport to and from the airport is clearly a key consideration.

Obviously, arriving in plenty of time is essential if you have a flight to catch. Equally, once you’ve landed on the way home, you’ll want to complete the return leg as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Of course, you could drive yourself, take public transport, assuming it’s running at the time you’re travelling, or get a taxi. However, in many cases, private minibus hire is the most cost-effective, comfortable and convenient option for airport runs.

Why Arrange Minibus Airport Transfers?


Arrive On Time

You don’t need us to tell you that even thinking you might be late for check-in can be hugely stressful. Thanks to executive minibus hire, the experienced drivers will have done the journey countless times before, and so will be familiar with the best routes and making the most of sat nav systems. This allows for the identification of possible issues from roadworks to traffic jams, so there are no needless delays.

No Parking Hassles

Clearly, once you get to the airport, you’ll still need to park up – and ensure you get to check-in before it shuts. Sometimes, available spaces can be some distance from the departures building, leaving you to carry luggage. And while there are doubtless reputable ‘meet and greet’ airport parking firms, there have been reports of people returning to find their vehicles badly damaged. Minibus travel eliminates even the possibility of these problems, while your car stays secure at home.

Everyone Together

Another huge benefit is that all your party arrives in the same vehicle. There’s no need to book separate taxis or coordinate public transport arrangements. That means you all get to the airport at the same time, and won’t have to worry about any stragglers. Plus, if you’re off on a relaxing holiday – you can get into the holiday spirit from the off!

Space for Luggage

Lugging suitcases across crowded trains, buses or tubes can be hard work at the best of times. With private minibus hire, you’ll have ample room for everyone’s luggage. Your comfortable, spacious vehicle will take everything, including larger items like pushchairs, buggies or prams and wheelchairs.

Cost Effective

Taxis certainly aren’t always cheap. Equally, if a number of you are travelling on public transport, the price of separate tickets can really add up, especially if you’re paying full fare at peak travel times. Similarly, airport car parking can be expensive, especially if you are away for two weeks or longer, and you also need to factor in fuel costs. Minibus hire and splitting the charge among your group can be a highly cost-effective alternative.


Apart from anything else, minibus travel is seriously convenient and comfortable, and minimises delays and hanging around. Modern air travel can be stressful enough without juggling public transport times and prices, cab fares or parking, so make life as easy as possible for yourself by choosing this way of getting to the airport.

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