Minibus and Coach Hire for Day Trips

Hiring a Minibus or Coach for Day Trips


According to research from University College London published earlier this year, travelling to different places lowers the risk of issues from heart disease and depression to dementia. The study of 3,000 adults found that those who got out and about more often reported better mental and physical health.

Alongside these advantages, researchers also discovered that people were likelier to involve themselves in healthy activities such as walking when on a day trip. So venturing outside your immediate area can lead to a raft of benefits, including a reduced risk of some of the health risks associated with loneliness.

However, the survey also found that older people in particular can be left behind, not least as they tend to rely more on public transport to get around. Where buses and trains are limited, the range of places they can visit is low, reducing social participation and therefore health generally.

Meanwhile, for children and young people, excursions can help with everything from linguistic and brain development to social skills.


The Benefits of Minibus or Coach Day Trips

So, if you think you had to spend a week away to feel an energy boost and recharge the old batteries, think again. Day trips offer a quick, affordable escape and a sense of perspective, the chance to experience and learn something new and leave routine behind, if only for one day. Plus they can help all sorts of groups to bond, from extended families to sports teams, schools, daycare centres, clubs for the elderly and disabled and more.

Yet travel is a key issue behind these outings, and so it shouldn’t be an afterthought, as it all too often can be. Here are just some of the reasons why luxury minibus hire services or coach day trips could be absolutely right for your trip:

  • Especially if you’re only going out for the day, timings can often be quite tight, meaning public transport may well not work out, if indeed this is even an option at all.
  • Minibus hire is a really inclusive form of travel. People can sit next to each other and chat, and maybe even enjoy a bit of a singsong! Equally, if they haven’t met previously, they can get to know each other on board before they’ve even got where they’re going. With limited time available, a day trip on coach means you can make each moment count, from the second everyone first climbs aboard.
  • If you’re coordinating group travel, luxury minibus hire presents a streamlined solution, since everyone arrives together – and on time. Afterwards, the return leg of the journey is equally safe and hassle-free; which could be crucial if it’s a long day out and public transport has stopped, or people are tired, elderly or less mobile.
  • Minibus hire or a day trip on coach is also highly affordable compared to the cost of paying for an individual fare for everyone. At the same time, coach day trips are environmentally friendly compared to the carbon emissions of having several different cars make the same journey.
  • Minibus hire is also a comfortable, spacious and stylish way to get from A to B. There’s plenty of room for everyone on board, including bags and lunch boxes or coolers if you’re taking a picnic, or sporting equipment, plus there’s space for wheelchairs as well.


Our Luxury Minibus and Coach Hire Services

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