Minibus Hire for Events and Festivals

Minibus Hire for Events and Festivals


Festivals are, of course, the ideal way for music lovers to come together and celebrate its power, and to see many different acts on one site. Meanwhile, for musicians they provide huge exposure plus the chance to perform and connect with their audience in a relaxing, welcoming, and inclusive environment, and give those who are watching an unforgettable experience. It’s also a great opportunity to win over new fans.

In 2023 there were nearly 500 festivals across multiple genres within the UK, including musical juggernauts like Glastonbury and Download plus a raft of smaller-scale occasions from Wilderness to Camp Festivals among numerous others.

To get the most from the whole experience and ensure a fun and relaxing time all round, it makes sense to start your planning early, whether you’re playing a festival as one of the acts or attending as a fan. And one of the early decisions to make is deciding how you will get to and from the festival site.

Why Opt for Minibus Hire Services for your Events and Festivals?

Here are some of the essential reasons why minibus hire services works so well for these events:

  • Musical festivals are often held in rural areas which are not always especially well served by public transport. In any event, if you’re attending on a day ticket, trains and buses may well have stopped running by the time the final set of the night ends.
  • The other consideration specific to festivals is the sheer amount of stuff you need to take, whether you’re a band with instruments and other equipment or a fan with tent and rucksack, never mind all your food and drink. There will be enough carrying of stuff from the car park to your camping pitch without having to make life any harder for yourself than it needs to be.
  • Even if you have access to a car, with everyone’s stuff in it as well as passengers, it can all start to feel quite cramped. With luxury minibus hire, you get all the space you need to enjoy a comfortable journey, no matter how far you’re travelling. Plus, you can get the party going from the moment you board, without having to think about coordinating separate arrivals at a large festival site. You’ll enjoy a smooth start to your day or weekend.
  • Hire a minibus with a driver and you don’t need to worry about plotting the journey, since your driver will already know the best route there. What’s more, after an exhausting, not to mention potentially messy festival experience, your minibus can bring you all safely back home, meaning everyone can enjoy the party.
  • There are also cost benefits to choosing this mode of travel. Multiple cars or separate transport tickets will always be more expensive than paying one minibus hire fee, which you can of course split between all of you.


Minibus Hire from Knightliner Executive Travel

At Buckinghamshire-based Knightliner Executive Travel, we offer luxury minibus hire with a driver to get you smoothly to festivals next summer. Our fleet comprises everything from eight-seater minibuses to coaches seating more than 20, so we cater for all sizes of party.

Although we are based in Aylesbury, we offer transportation to many major UK events, from Glastonbury, Royal Ascot and various airshows, to key sporting events including rugby at Twickenham and cricket at Edgbaston.

It’s not too early to start planning – indeed, this can really add to the excitement and anticipation of a big festival weekend, especially if you do it during the dark and chilly depths of winter. Get in touch today for a quick quote (you’ll find our rates highly competitive) and start looking forward to all those amazing sounds.





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