Wedding Minibus Hire

Wedding Minibus Hire Services


If you’re planning your wedding, you’ll certainly have a vast number of things to think about. But transport is one element which is surprisingly often overlooked.

Especially if some of your guests don’t drive, and if the ceremony and reception venues are a few miles apart, you need to think about how to get people between the two, not least when you think that wedding finery such as high heels may limit how far people can realistically walk.

A luxury minibus could be absolutely right for your big day as you shuttle people to and from the venue, or from key public transport hubs such as rail stations. Or you could hire a minibus service to transport the groom’s party or bridesmaids or other key people.

Additionally, if you’re getting married in a rural area, public transport can be unreliable or infrequent at best, non-existent at worst. Wedding minibus hire removes the stress of trying to make connections on trains or buses that may or may not show up. There may not be enough local taxis to cope with ferrying people, say, from station to venue or from the ceremony to your reception.

Benefits of Minibus & Coach Hire for Weddings


On-time Guests

With enough to think about when the day of your wedding finally dawns, you don’t want to be fretting about potential late arrivals to your celebrations, or about anyone getting lost. A wedding minibus will get everyone there on time.

Then afterwards it can all happen in reverse, for example making sure everyone catches the last train home if you’re marrying within striking distance of a large station. And, of course, if your guests combine public transport and minibus pick-ups and drop-offs, everyone can charge their glass and toast your marriage.


Obviously wedding minibus hire is cost-effective, since you can transport a group in one vehicle, keeping price-per-passenger low, while also reducing environmental impact. This is important when you consider how expensive weddings can be. (Don’t be afraid to consider asking passengers to contribute modestly towards the expense of this service if they are using it. If everyone chips in £5 or £10, this still works out much cheaper for them than a standard taxi).

Guests Bonding

Inviting people from different areas of your lives to your nuptials? By hiring a wedding minibus, you not only take the stress out of travel but give people the chance to introduce themselves to each other if they haven’t met previously. That means there can be chatting and ice-breaking before, for example, people who don’t know another sit down to the wedding breakfast together.

You may want to travel with your guests on the minibus yourselves once you’ve tied the knot – or you could ask your wedding photographer to jump on board to capture some fun and unusual shots.

Disability Access

Private and luxury minibus hire is a significant help for anyone who may have a disability or poor mobility or who be a little older. If you book your wedding minibus with us at Knightliner Executive Travel, for example, your guests will travel in fully adapted, accessible vehicles, giving you peace of mind.

Travel in Comfort and Style

Our high-quality minibuses are maintained to the most meticulous standards. Look forward to roomy interiors, generous luggage space, which is ideal if your guests are overnighting, plus top-of-the-range climate control for maximum comfort. What’s more, we don’t believe you should have to pay excessively for this level of service, while our superb drivers will ensure everything goes without a hitch – apart from when you say ‘I do’ of course!


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