School Minibus Hire

The Benefits of School Minibus Hire Services


School trips are a key part of any education. Only by getting out can pupils experience unfamiliar places and cultures or immerse themselves in a language if travelling abroad. Some excursions may involve overnight stays, so that children grow more used to being away from home.

Equally, for sports teams, taking part in matches with other schools plays a significant role in mastering skills and learning to compete against others. And, clearly, you’ll need to arrange transport for away games.

Whatever the reason for the journey, clearly the main aim of any school outing is for children to have safe and pleasant evening or day trips which are memorable for all the right reasons.

Why Choose School Minibus Hire with a Driver?

Organising a school outing brings with it a lot of extra work – but a school minibus with driver hire can seriously lighten the load. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Organisers can focus on all the other aspects of the trip safe in the knowledge that the transport is sorted.
  2. Everyone can look forward to a safe, comfortable journey.
  3. You’ll have an experienced driver at the wheel, using GPS and similar systems so that there’s no chance of getting lost or turning up late to your event, sporting fixture or day out. Equally, the driver will plan the route ahead to avoid any roadworks and so on, reducing the risk of problems on the way out or back. (With kids on board, no one wants stressful hold-ups or potentially irate parents to deal with). Would you really want to drive the kids back yourself after a long day out? When you hire a minibus with a driver for your school, you and your pupils will be in safe hands.
  4. You can use the travel time for team talks and to discuss sporting tactics, explain the ground rules for the day ahead and recap what you’ll be doing – you can also indicate points of interest as you travel.
  5. There’s plenty of room for everyone and, if you’re playing in a match, sports equipment, kit bags and so on. (But equally, you won’t pay for massive amounts of extra room you’re not using).
  6. The flexibility of being able to travel where you want when you want.
  7. Minibus hire for schools is the cost-effective option – much cheaper than individual train or bus tickets for each pupil or coach travel – and more convenient than getting parents to drive their kids separately.


Considerations when booking school minibus hire

It is obvious that you will want to use the services of a reliable firm with a flawless safety record, well maintained vehicles and experienced drivers who are certified and qualified to operate the bus.

The firm also needs to meet all relevant legal criteria and to provide proof of compliance if needed. Business insurance and liability coverage are also essential.

You may want to check out the minibus yourself when it arrives, and have a quick look for potential problems, signs of wear and tear or any other damage. Look for safety features like emergency exits fire extinguishers and seatbelts.

You’re also entitled to ask to check credentials and all paperwork in advance, and to be involved in planning the route and schedule. Think about rest breaks and potential risks (although these are minimal) and communicate any special needs or requests to the company.

Discuss expectations and safety procedures with parents and kids’ pre-departure. This may involve reminders to wear seatbelts, procedures for emergencies and general on-board behaviour.

You will also obviously want to keep an eye on things while travelling, check seatbelts, and tell children to remain seated while the bus is in motion, for example.

Finally, don’t set off without a First Aid kit (or asking if the bus has one), emergency medication plus things like asthma inhalers where necessary, plus emergency contact details.


Our Minibus Hire Services

At Aylesbury based Knightliner Executive Travel, we provide affordable yet super-comfortable school minibus with driver hires. Our fleet ranges from eight-seater minibuses to 22-seat coaches, all meticulously maintained and incredibly safe. We work across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, and London.

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