Choosing a Minibus Hire Company


The benefits of luxury minibus hire with driver are well known – after all, this mode of transport allows your group to travel together and enjoy a comfortable journey, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be late or have to worry about car parking or last trains home. Equally, you’ll have stacks of storage space, plus this is a seriously cost-efficient way to travel.

So if you’re heading off this summer, for a wedding, airport run, corporate awayday, school trip, sporting fixture or indeed anything else, if you hire a minibus you’ll be doing you and your party a huge favour. But what are the things to bear in mind when choosing your minibus hire company?


Minibus Hire Checklist

  • Price

Obviously, this is always a key consideration. And, as with any service, it’s worth doing your research and comparing quotes. However, as well as cost, consider what the price includes, plus the firm’s reputation, how experienced the drivers are and the condition and type of the vehicles offered, to get a feel for overall value. You should also find that minibus hire, when compared with the cost of separate train or bus fares, or, say, taking multiple vehicles and paying for parking, proves remarkably cost-effective.

  • Customer reviews

Looking at other customers’ experiences can give you an insight into your prospective provider’s professionalism and reliability, allowing you to make an informed decision. And there are many ways of doing this online, both on review sites (Google, Yelp and social media platforms all spring to mind) plus your potential minibus hire firm’s own website. A one-off gripe may not be that meaningful, so look for patterns of comments on everything from timeliness to vehicle cleanliness and the customer experience and satisfaction generally.

  • Assess the fleet and the vehicles’ condition

Clearly, you’ll want your group to travel in the highest standards of safety and comfort. So ask about your possible provider’s fleet, or check out some high-quality photos before you commit, to give yourself an idea of the inside and outside of the vehicles in which you’ll be travelling. Look for vital safety features from fire extinguishers to First Aid kits, and for seatbelts to be in a good condition.

Ask how old the minibuses are, and how regularly they’re maintained. Any provider worth its salt will gladly supply this information to demonstrate that its fleet is secure and properly looked after.

Equally, of course, you need to be sure the company has vehicles of a size to suit your party, with room for any luggage or equipment you’ll be taking.

  • Extras and features

Some of these things may be ‘nice to have’ rather than essential, but are worth asking about anyway, especially for a longer trip. Are drinks and snacks served? Is there entertainment on board in the form of videos or a sound system? What is the climate control like? How far back do seats recline and is there plenty of legroom? All these things contribute to the overall comfort and experience and ensure everyone arrives in a good frame of mind.

  • Service locations

It may sound obvious, but where does the service go to? You’ll need to be sure that the prospective provider is happy and able to take you where you want to go. At the same time, you’ll want to check out the proposed itinerary and timings, and be sure the company has availability when you want to travel.

  • Driver credentials

When hiring a minibus with driver, ask about the qualifications and experience of the drivers the company employs. That includes their training, how long they’ve been with the company, licensing and how familiar they are with the routes and destinations in your travel plans.

  • Any special requests?

If you have any particular requests, from wheelchair provision to route or itinerary, or if you’re taking any especially large items with you, make these requirements clear before you book your minibus.


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Our services suit a wide variety of occasions and situations, and we have an impeccably maintained Mercedes fleet, plus a pool of highly experienced drivers. Expect excellent climate control, plenty of room for everything you need to take with you – in fact, all the luxury extras you’d expect, at a price you wouldn’t!

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