The Benefits of Hiring a Luxury Minibus this Summer


Luxury Minibus Hire during SummerThe latest forecast from the Met Office predicts that summer 2024 will be a warm one for the UK, with a ‘meandering and branching’ jet stream keeping rain at bay over the next few months. Equally, the three-month forecast predicts a near-double the average chance of hot weather until July.

But that doesn’t mean we’re all packing our bags and heading overseas. Indeed, one survey from an interior design business published towards the end of last year found that nearly 40% of Brits had shelved foreign holiday plans to stay at home and save money due to the cost-of-living crisis, with just over half (53%) pledging to jet off abroad in 2023.

‘Staycation’ has become a hackneyed expression by now, but there’s so much to enjoy in the UK if you do decide to stay put and have a holiday closer to home or just go on days out rather than spending a fortnight in Greece or on the Costa Brava.

If trips out are likely to be your main focus this summer, luxury minibus hire with a driver could well be the perfect way for you and your party to get around for any occasion.


Summer Ideas


The UK has hundreds of these events across the land, celebrating every genre you can think of, along with a few you couldn’t! However, to maximise the fun and enjoyment, you need to sort yourself out in advance, and be a bit organised.

One key consideration is how you’re going to get to the festival site. Luxury minibus hire services are one way of getting where you need to be, when you need to be there. You and your gang can get the party started early with comfortable, convenient travel that means you don’t have to drive or find an elusive, not to mention expensive, parking spot. At the same time, you won’t be relying on public transport or last trains after the music has stopped, plus there’ll be room for all of you plus all your gear. (If you’re lucky enough to be actually playing at an event yourself, this will be especially important).

Statistically, most UK weddings take place in high summer between June and August, so peak season for couples getting married is upon us. If you’re getting married yourself and arranging transport for guests or trying to organise a group of friends to attend a wedding, stag or hen party, there are many reasons why minibus travel makes perfect sense.

It means that, again, you’re not worrying about potentially unreliable public transport and the last buses and trains of the night. Equally, no one has to drive or park, you can all enjoy a celebratory tipple or three and who wants to run for a train in high heels and hat or a smart suit anyway? Plus, you can all travel together, so there’s no need to book multiple cabs or coordinate arrivals of separate cars.

With the long weeks of the school summer break stretching out ahead of you, if you’re not going away on holiday, or, actually, even if you are, you’ll no doubt want to plan some day trips to keep the kids entertained. Theme parks, the seaside, local zoos, museums, or outings to London are all options. But if each child wants to take a couple of friends, or if, say, cousins fancy tagging along, you can quickly have more kids than will fit in the family car. Luxury minibus hire solutions means no worries over route planning or parking, and there’s room for everyone and everything, such as stuff for the beach or camping kit if you’re doing an overnighter. You’re in charge of where and when to be and can just focus on having a brilliant excursion.

If you are going away this summer, getting to the airport is a key consideration. With minibus hire with driver services, your party gets to travel together, whatever the time of day or night. There’ll be zero danger of missing check-in, plus you’ll have plenty of storage space for your luggage. At the same time, given the price of petrol and airport parking, it’s likely to be a cost-effective option.

Equally, of course, minibus hire could be ideal for numerous other occasions at this time of year, whether you’re transporting summer-school students, organising corporate awaydays or just for general travel.


Luxury Minibus Hire Services with Knightliner Executive Travel

At Knightliner Executive Travel, we’re here to help with your travel requirements this summer, whatever the occasion. We’re based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, but cover the whole county including places like Milton Keynes. We also operate further afield across Oxford, Bicester, and Thame. Beyond Buckinghamshire, we serve in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Northamptonshire – as well as Oxfordshire and London, including major airports. We can also offer a wide range nearby activities and events within our prior service regions.

We’re all about providing competitively priced luxury vehicle hire with impeccable punctuality, professional drivers, and customised itineraries. Contact us today about your summer plans to learn more and get a quick quote.





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