Luxury Minibus Hire vs Coach Hire


You might think you appreciate the difference between a coach and minibus with driver hire, but there’s more to it than you may have realised. Here, we look at both options in some detail, to help you make an informed choice for your group outing this summer.

Of course, the most obvious difference is how many people you’re transporting, with coaches clearly able to fit more passengers. But that’s not the only thing to set the two apart.


Luxury Minibus hire

Minibuses come in all shapes, models and sizes but they all share the same aim of getting smaller groups of people to their destination in safety and comfort. Travelling this way offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Affordability – You can share the cost of travel between your group and it’s often cheaper than paying for separate cars or taxis, not to mention shelling out for parking. The size of these vehicles also makes them highly fuel-efficient.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Mile for mile, a minibus should consume less fuel than two or three cars doing the same trip.
  • Efficiency – The relatively low number of seats (when compared with coaches) means you won’t have to travel with empty spaces. You should be able to fit a smaller party into the vehicle comfortably without having too much or too little room, while still enjoying ample storage space for luggage and anything you need to take with you, from sporting equipment to musical instruments.
  • Safety – Seatbelts are a legal requirement, so minibus hire with driver is a safe and secure way to get from A to B.
  • Accessible – Everyone can travel together, plus there’s often wheelchair access at the back of the vehicle.
  • Versatility – Minibuses are flexible and great for short-distance shuttle runs if that’s what you need. Equally, their compact design makes it easy for them to park close to where you need to be. Additionally, they’re good at negotiating tight urban spaces and corners.
  • More intimate – Because of their smaller size, minibuses make it easier for everyone on board to chat to each other, creating a great on-board atmosphere.


Luxury Coach Hire

Many of the benefits of minibuses apply to coaches, too – after all, both offer a secure, accessible and cost-effective way for a group to travel together, with generous amounts of storage space and perks like air con or heating. But with coaches there are a few other things to consider:

  • More extras – You sometimes get more extras with a coach, from onboard toilets to Wi-Fi and entertainment systems.
  • Greater comfort – Don’t get us wrong, minibuses are very comfortable. But coaches can have comfier seats, sometimes providing more space, while the larger size of the vehicle can often mean a smoother ride.
  • Great capacity – As mentioned, if you’re transporting larger numbers of people, a coach is likely to be your best bet.
  • Cost-effective – A coach does consume more fuel but can still work out to be an affordable option per head when the cost is divided among the greater number of people travelling.

Finally, coach travel also seems to lend itself very well to corporate travel, guided tours and excursions.

Minibus versus Coach Summary

A lot will depend on the type of event, the number of people travelling and your budget. Airport runs, smaller groups, shorter journeys and more intimate occasions suit minibus hire with driver, while larger parties on longer trips will enjoy the spacious seating and onboard facilities of coach travel. So there’s no right or wrong answer.


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