Why Hire a Minibus with a Driver?

Travelling by minibus is a popular, cost-effective and convenient way to get around as a group. And if you hire a vehicle with a driver, it can make life much easier (it also means just one vehicle on the road, so there are also environmental benefits).

This form of road transport is highly versatile, whether you’re planning a hen or stag do, a day at the races, a sizeable reunion or gathering of friends or family, an airport run for a larger gang of people, a school trip for smaller numbers or anything else. Our luxurious fleets range from 8-seater minibus hire services to 22-seat executive coaches to suit whatever particular scenario you are in.

The Key Benefits of Hiring a Minibus with a Driver


Let everyone relax

Not everyone feels happy behind the wheel, especially where it means responsibility for a group or controlling a large vehicle. Hire a minibus and driver, though, and everyone gets to relax and enjoy a drink as part of the excursion. You can chat away and relax from the moment you set off! Especially for occasions like weddings.

The driver takes charge of navigation and negotiating traffic, allowing everyone else to take it easy. There’s no worrying about whether enough taxis will be available, or catching last trains home. No one is left hanging around waiting for public transport, which may not even be available if you’re travelling early or late. And because you’re all travelling together, there’s no fretting over coordinating arrival times.

Greater freedom

There’s far more flexibility when it comes to customising your trip and making it your own, with no need to be slaves to public transport schedules. Specify pick-up and drop-off times and go wherever you want to. Create your own schedule for your night or day trip.

With a larger vehicle like a coach, it can be harder to navigate narrow urban streets and roads, but a minibus can do this perfectly well, plus you can all get on and off a lot more easily, too.

Outstanding value for money

Clearly, hiring a minibus with driver will cost more than the self-driving alternatives. But when you think of the benefits of having your own chauffeur, this option really does provide excellent value for money. Several of you travel together for one price, so it often compares favourably with the public transport alternatives, especially if you’re visiting a number of different places.

Get from A to B in comfort

A minibus offers outstanding comfort, which makes a real contribution to your enjoyment of a day out, especially over long distances. Expect plenty of legroom and sufficient space for baggage if you need it. It’s all so much more pleasant than potentially cramped train travel, while the heating or air-con on board completes a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Talk to the Minibus Hire experts!

At Knightliner Executive Travel, we provide minibus with driver services across huge swathes of England including Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and areas of London. Our top-of-the-range Mercedes fleet range from eight to 16-seater vehicles and coaches, so the enjoyment of your trip starts from the moment we welcome you on board. Get a quote now for whatever specific service your looking for.

We’re also hugely committed to customer service excellence and providing outstanding value for money. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, with no obligation to proceed.






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