Knightliner’s Top-tier Luxury Minibus Hire Solutions


Arrive (and depart) in Style

There are times when only travelling with a bit of panache will do. Obvious examples include special occasions such as weddings, an important corporate meeting, or those big, glamorous nights out when you’re travelling in all your finery and don’t want to be schlepping around on public transport. Perhaps you’re setting off on your honeymoon or for the holiday of a lifetime, and want the flawless, door-to-door experience of getting to the airport.

On the work front, perhaps you’re treating your team to a fun evening somewhere classy and want seamless travel, for example at Christmas time. Or you’re keen to thank a particular client for their business or celebrating a big win.

In these situations, as in many others, luxury minibus hire is the smart choice, and will set the tone for the whole occasion. Here are just some of the benefits:


Feel like a VIP!

Events such as Christmas parties, weddings and awards ceremonies demand appropriate transport, and for occasions like these, luxury minibus hire with a driver fits the bill perfectly. Give yourself and your guests the full red-carpet treatment, from the moment of pick-up to the minute you return home. Start as you mean to go on – in style!

Ultimate Comfort and Safety

Luxury minibus hire offers the last word in comfort and safety, with professional drivers committed to paying attention to detail and providing the best possible experience for all passengers, every trip. (They also have outstanding local knowledge of the areas they cover). Especially if you’re going to something in London, for example, they know how to navigate the capital’s streets expertly, freeing you to enjoy travelling through the city and taking in the sights.

Look forward to complete climate control, creating the ideal on-board temperature for your group, free Wi-Fi, and plush seating you can sink into. Plus, there’s plenty of room for everyone and everything you may need to take with you. There may also be other benefits like entertainment systems, or even drinks.

Reliable. Convenient. Time and Cost-efficient

With luxury minibus hire, you eliminate the vagaries of potentially unreliable public transport. With any major event, you won’t want to leave anything to chance. Your luxury minibus hire provider will take care of all the planning, from route planning and parking to negotiating traffic. You then just have to concentrate on either all the other aspects of the event’s organisation, or simply enjoying yourself.

You save time this way, plus everything is highly convenient since you’ll travel as a group from start to finish. And you just pay one fee, without having to worry about petrol and parking fees or congestion charge costs.

Make the Trip your Own

There are customisation options when you book a luxury minibus with the driver. Stay at your event as long as you like and make the most of your special day or night, without having to dash for the last trains. Ask for personalised recommendations for your trip, too, as you look forward to a flawlessly bespoke experience.


Luxury Minibus Hire from Knightliner Executive Travel

We’re based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, but offer luxury minibus hire services with driver at an affordable price across London, the Home Counties and beyond. Experience unrivalled comfort in an opulent vehicle from our Mercedes fleet, comprising vehicles seating between eight and 16 passengers (we also have executive coaches seating up to 22 if that’s what you need).

So, we’re ideally placed to make sure you remember your special event for all the right reasons. Let us roll out one of our luxury minibuses when you’re rolling out the red carpet! Get in touch to learn more and ask for a no-obligation quote.






Our drivers are knowledgeable, courteous and professional – and they come prepared to anticipate and meet your every need during journey.


We work hard at earning and keeping your business, we are always punctual and will ensure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest while trusting us with your safety.


Our #1 priority is to exceed your expectations – we put your needs first by making sure we understand your needs and preferences intimately.


You can rely on our wide range of high quality fully air-conditioned Mercedes vans to give you and your travel companions the most comfortable experience possible


Security is paramount to us, especially during School trips, therefore, we ensure our Drivers undertake relevant CRB and DBS checks